Award-Winning Flexible Roads

Having fun at play is what matters most! This has been the fundamental assumption from the start of ToddleRoad - because what's the point of having cool toys if the kids don't want to play with them? However, it is not the children who decide what is best for them, but the parents. You have a lot on your plate though, don't you? I know! I'm a Mom as well and I don't really need a PhD in educational toys. I mean, I do, but not as a parent, but as a producer. So in order to make it easier for you, we make sure that our flexible roads have clear labels and safety information and we ask for opinions of experts that you can rely on: other parents, professionals in child development (teachers and therapists) and specialists in the children's industry who analyze and test various products for quality and safety on a daily basis. We choose consciously - including which competitions we participate in.

ToddleRoad flexible tracks has twice been recognized by the Toy of the Year jury in Poland. This is the most prestigious competition in our industry in Poland and a quality seal that has helped guide parents' purchasing decisions for more than a decade. The jury is composed of more than a dozen experts. We are very proud to mark ToddleRoad flexible roads with the Toy of the Year sign.

We also managed to win a nomination for the best toy for ages 3 and up at the Kids' Time International Toy Fair. There, too, the idea, manufacturing quality and product safety are judged by the industry experts, testers and retailers - as they have the best insight into your daily choices. They also recognized our roads to build as a great toy for preschoolers.

My biggest pride? Silver in the Junior Design Awards in 2022. For me, as the author of ToddleRoad flexible roads, this is especially important, because I love good design and have followed their choices for years with great confidence as a consumer. Minimalist-designed toys are still a novelty that is hard to break through the colorful chaos of children's products. What's more, it's a competition in the UK and we took part in it having no marketing background in that market. The jury's feedback was extremely favorable to ToddleRoad:

"These tracks will form the basis of many hours of fun. I really like that they are designed for little hands, so children can play on their own and feel pride in their track designs."