Who We Are

Hi! I'm Dorota.


I'm Dorota and I am a Mom of three children. I am a problem solver who doesn't believe in "can't" and "impossible". I am an optimist, I love to show my children the world and to build in them the feeling that we have an impact on how it looks. I have a million ideas per minute, and ToddleRoad is one of them - and it came from just solving my child's problem.

A few years ago, my son was angry that the beloved wooden tracks were getting misplaced on the carpet, and on top of that, it was impossible to drive his favorite cars on them. I, on the other hand, did not want to agree to buy more big tracks, which would have no place to store in our small apartment. Previous gifts for the preschooler: rigid and huge racing tracks, lay squeezed on the closet or behind the bed - because not only was there nowhere to keep them handy, plus they required my attendance - as even my clever three-year-old couldn't handle it. Or, on the contrary, he handled it so well that the tracks couldn't stand it and broke.Kids playing with ToddleRoad

So we stuck a road-tape on the floor. But left on for a long time it came off with the varnish, and the layout changes often required our help.

I cut streets out of plywood and painted stripes. But the pieces were coming apart on the floor and still could not be arranged on the carpet.

I cut up my yoga mat (a little worn, true, but still...). And it finally worked: giving enough flexibility and grip, although it still needed refinement to make it a cool toy.

After that, I struggled for several years with more and less successful attempts at production, because I'm a micro-entrepreneur with an extra idea, not an heiress of a big business. On top of that, I'm a perfectionist and have my own hypersensitivities: I like silence and minimalism, nice smells, beautiful objects and peace and quiet. In everything I am supported by my husband, who translates my pencil sketches and models from plasticine to the computer and gives full support when problems begin to overwhelm me. He takes care of what you can't see - but is necessary to keep the business running.
Kids playing with ToddleRoad
But I made it and the result is awesome: a perfect toy for boys and girls alike, real road tracks for all the cool cars your kid love to play with. The elements match easily, the track can be built anywhere and it even smells nice 🙂

First the City Set was created, but at the request of customers who wanted more elements - I created Metropolis. It is our bestseller and wins your hearts - and awards all over the world!