Zero-Waste Policy

We create the world around us - and we are responsible for it. That's why we show our children the importance of using what we already have, shopping wisely and choosing durable products. How does this translate into business? In many ways!

First: ToddleRoad's flexible tracks are durable. You probably already know that you can wash them repeatedly in the dishwasher, that the print doesn't wash off, that the streets don't deteriorate, so when your child grows out of playing with cars - you can let ToddleRoad go for a second run. And of course, the ToddleRoad tracks are meant for you to play with all the cars you already have! This is sort of the basic concept from which we started when designing this cool toy for you.

Now: we pack the ToddleRoad tracks in zero-waste boxes. Our boxes are part of a toy (tested and officially approved for play) quite consciously: since you need something to store the tracks anyway, why not use it? ToddleRoad boxes have prints inside to stimulate children's creativity and imagination.

Third: we minimize waste output in the production of our toys. By extruding in molds (rather than cutting from pre-made mats), we use the exact amount of raw material needed to make ToddleRoad. Toddleroad flexible tracks are made of silicone - you know that. And do you know how many times our products go through quality inspection? Seven. At the stage of supplying safe inks and FDA approved silicone. When extruding the flexible road elements, again before they are released for print, and before the flexible roads are packaged into sets. When packing in bulk boxes and before shipping your order to our warehouse - we check them twice. And, of course, when shipping your orders. Not to mention externally checking the quality of the materials used... This way we catch any errors early and prevent printing, packaging or transportation of defective items.

Last (but not least): When we ship your orders, we pack them in cartons with paper tape - this is also a conscious decision out of concern for the planet. Does that mean we don't use plastic at all? Well... unfortunately no. When we ship orders during the holiday season, we do extra wrapping due to the weather conditions and the vastness of orders in the mail. We simply worry about whether cardboard alone is sufficient for them to reach you intact.